Georgina George) Love took up foil fencing in 2001 at the age of 41 and studied
casually with Den Kopani for 7 years. When the Stuart program ended she found
Coach Ken Moran at Treasure Coast Fencing Academy which ultimately lead to her
first tournament experience. Since 2008 she has trained and competed with intensity,
finding success on the strip. Qualifying in 2016 for Veteran World Championships
and bringing Silver home with the team, and qualified again in 2018, fencing at the
Veteran World Championships in Italy.  Lessons and training continue with Coach
Daniel Bucur, Genesis Fencing,  in Melbourne,returning with knowledge she shares
with club fencers.  

George is an advocate of the benefits fencing can bring to every aspect of your life
from self discovery to personal growth, camaraderie  and the pursuit of athletic
performance and most importantly - FUN!  
private lessons are available at the
rate of $30 for half an hour