Why should your child learn to fence?
• Improve coordination, focus and concentration
• lncrease fitness, agility, and self-esteem
• Become more disciplined
• Learn about competition and good   
• Meet new people and have fun!
Fencing Camp July 13 - 17
9am - 12 pm     1 pm - 4 pm   
$150.00* • Boys and Girls 10 and up
LIMIT 10 per session
Equipment provided*
($25 discount per fencer for siblings)
This camp is to introduce new fencers to the sport or give fencers who already have experience to gain more
focus on learning and perfecting skills necessary to become a better fencer.

There will be conditioning, agility and coordination exercises; these help improve fitness and speed necessary to
execute moves better. It shows the individual what needs work and also lets them see what they are good at and
can improve upon.

Fencing drills will be implemented, some with only hands, some with targets and some combining footwork and
bladework. It is important to learn fundamental moves from which more complicated action will happen as the
fencer progresses in their training. During camp, emphasis will be on repetition of moves in correct form to create
muscle memory.

Discussion of rules, strategy and tactics to help fencers understand why you are doing and learning the moves in
the drills. Videos of footwork and high level bouts to show how the sport evolves as the fencer’s skills grow will be
shown, and moves will be explained as they see the video.

Controlled bouting will allow the fencers to implement the moves they have learned.

Instructor Georgina Love will lead, assisted by club fencers Ruth Bell and Owen Johnson, young members of
TCFC who have been fencing for approximately 8 years.  

The camp will be three hours of varied exercises, conditioning, drills, footwork, discussion of how fencing works,
rules and some strategy.  It is expected that children attending are able to focus and be willing to learn and try
their best to do what is taught. Disruptions and inappropriate behavior interrupt the class and distract other
students, and children will be discouraged from such actions. Fencing is a sport of honor and integrity, therefore
respect for
everyone at camp is required as well.   

There will be some rest periods and water and fruit snacks will be available.  Please send children with light,
healthy snacks they can enjoy over the course of the daily session.  There is a refrigerator, and they need to
bring a lunch.  Do not send overly heavy foods for lunch, as they will be moving around all day - big lunches and
exercise don't mix!  

Fencing gear will be provided if they do not have their own.
 *Due to the current situation, there will be no
sharing of equipment.  Those who are borrowing will have dedicated gear for the duration of camp.
The attendees should wear athletic pants that stretch and reach the ankle, not too long and not too baggy; no
shorts.  Comfortable T- shirt and sneakers that are as flat as possible are good.   They are invited to show up a
bit before the session to get their things put away and settle in before we get going.
 There are no refunds for
campers except for documented medical emergency (physician's note)
. Please have children at camp on

The last day of camp will have a traditional tournament so they can really enjoy themselves and show what they
have learned.  Parents are encouraged to watch; this will take a good portion of the last day, and times will be
announced as it is all dependent on how many people are participating.  

The camp fee of $150 is due either at registration (you may request an invoice in advance that can be paid
electronically) or upon arrival the first day, cash or check made out to TCFC.
Activites will include:
• Conditioning
• Footwork
• Target Practice
• Learning basics of foil fencing
• Games to enhance coordination, speed, focus,
timing and of course, bouting with swords!
Fencing is like chess, but a lot faster....and with swords!
Georgina Love
"George" has been fencing for 20
years, beginning in Stuart with Coach
Den Kopani and joining Treasure
Coast Fencing in 2008. She began
competing regionally and nationally in
201. Her competitive experience
expanded as she fenced many North
American Cup events around the US,  
qualifying for the US Women's Veteran
Foil Team in 2016.  Fencing in
Germany at the World Championships,
she brought home Team Silver medal.
In 2018 she again qualified for the
Veteran Foil team and continues to
fence National and regional

George enjoys sharing the excitement
and challenge of fencing with young
and old alike and took over the
running of TCFC in 2015.