Mike Ruhala is a classically trained Western swordsman from Stuart, FL who has traveled
extensively seeking opportunities to study rare styles of fencing and has 8 years of experience
competing in classical and historical fencing tournaments. His primary influences are German and
French, he believes form follows function and takes a practical approach to training that prepares
the student for competition or self defense.
Georgina Love took up fencing 15 years ago at the age of 42
and studied casually with Den Kopani for 7 years. When the
Stuart program ended she found Coach Ken Moran at
Treasure Coast Fencing Academy which ultimately lead to her
first tournament experience. There was no stopping now! For
the past 8 years George has trained and competed with
intensity, finding success on the strip.
In 2016 she made it on to
the Veteran World Championship Foil Team and represented
the USA in international competition! In addition to her work at
TCFC she continues to train with Coach Daniel Bucur in

George is an advocate of the benefits fencing can bring to
every aspect of your life from self discovery to personal growth,
camaraderie  and the pursuit of athletic performance.
George Love offers private lessons
at the rate of $20 for half an hour.
Mike Ruhala offers private lessons
at the rate of $50 for an hour.