Welcome To Treasure Coast Fencing Club!
An NFCR Ranked "Best Club" For Foil 2016!!!
We offer two kinds of fencing, electric and historical. Electric
fencing is a modern style focused on maximum performance
in sporting competition with weapons such as the foil or epee.
Historical fencing teaches the art of the sword as it was
practiced in centuries past for self defense or battlefield
combat and includes weapons like the rapier, cutlass or
two-handed longsword. Training is open to youth and adults,
classes are held throughout the day Mon-Fri so check out our
schedule and find a program that's right for you!
We are located in suite 8649 at the back of Crowne Plaza in Port Saint Lucie
8649 US-1, Port St Lucie, FL 34952
July 9-13
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