Built for speed and finesse the small sword
may look delicate but has proven deadly in
dueling and serious self defense. Often
thought of as an 18th c. weapon its origins are
in the 17th c. and the style taught here is
typical of the 19th c. onward. Forms practiced
in this class include the rapier and use of the
dagger as a secondary weapon.
Ages 12+
A versatile cut and thrust blade mounted to a
hilt that affords good hand protection without
limiting range of motion earned the saber its
place as the dominant Western combat sword
of the past several centuries. Skills learned in
this class carry over to weapons like the
cutlass and machete but also apply to the
cane or even a simple stick.
Ages 12+
Blending grace with power, the longsword is
perhaps the most iconic weapon in the panoply
of European arms and armor. This class is
based on the teachings of the 14th-16th c.
Germanic fencing masters, additional weapons
studied include the messer and staff.
Ages 16+
TCFC is a member
of the HEMA Alliance
This program gives you the rare opportunity to study
weapons made famous by knights, pirates, duelists
and adventurers! Here you will learn the tactics and
techniques that were used to survive combat with
sharp swords under the guidance of a classically
trained Western swordsman.

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