Fencing is a fast paced sport that challenges the body and mind with its
unique blend of athleticism and strategy. While many people participate in electric
fencing for fitness and recreation the main focus of this style is the well developed
competition scene with tournaments from the local to international level for fencers
of all ages. A number of universities have fencing scholarship programs and if you
train hard enough you might even make it all the way to the Olympics!

Here at TCFC we primarily fence electric (Olympic) foil, a style that can be quite
physical but utilizes a rule set that emphasizes technique and strategy. The
"electric" part of electric fencing refers to the scoring mechanism; there's a button
on the end of the weapon that, when pressed against the valid target area on an
opponent, sends a signal to a special computer to help determine the outcome of
an action that can occur in the blink of an eye; in fact, the point of a foil is
considered to be one of the fastest moving objects in the world of sports!

Our electric fencing program is open to participants 8 years old and up.
TCFC Fencer Drew Laun At The Junior Olympics