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Learn About Fencing
Swordplay Camp

9 30 - 12 30 Monday Through Friday
Never fenced but wanted to?  Here's your chance!  Camp attendees will be
introduced to Olympic foil fencing.  The program covers the foundation footwork
as well as attacks and defensive actions.  Conditioning and agility are important
components of fencing and there is emphasis on this as well.  Fencers will learn
basic points of the sport which will allow them to take their newfound skills on
the strip and see what it's like to fence with a real sword!

Gear is provided, we will begin promptly at 9 30 so it is good to arrive at club
about  9 00 to settle in, change and be ready to go.  Flat sneakers, long
athletic/sweat pants (but not too long) and tee shirts are all that's needed.  
Snacks will be provided, and they may bring some with them if needed.  

Camp is $150* prepaid, please download and complete both pages for

Become A Better Fencer Camp

1-4  Monday Through Friday
Camp attendees must have experience.  IDuring  camp, fencers will be challenged with
new footwork and bladework, as well as be introduced to strategy and tactics - this is
what makes fencing physical chess.  Along with more strategic footwork, attacks and
defensive actions, new ways of thinking will also be implemented.  Conditioning and
agility remain important components of fencing and there's emphasis on this as well.  
Fencers will then practice their new skills in bout conditions as well as with an instructor.  
Repetition of actions and intense daily focus will help fencers take their game to the next
level.  Fencers attending this camp need their own gear.  

Camp will begin promptly at 1 00, so it is good to get to club at 12 30 to get settled in
and be ready to go.  Snacks will be provided, but fencers may bring some preferred
snacks if they like.  Flat sneakers, comfortable long athletic pants/sweats and tee shirt
are fine.  Camp is $150* prepaid.  Please download and complete both pages of

*Tuition is not pro-rated, and non-refundable except in case of medical emergency, requiring a physicians note.  Camp fee
may be paid with check to TCFC, cash, or upon registration,
you may email to request an
invoice which can be paid by bank transfer.  No credit cards.